We consider it our social duty to proactively contribute to sustainability and work hard to make our business greener.

Focus on sustainability

Like our customers, we are working hard to make our business processes more sustainable. We consider it our social duty to do more than what is required by law by proactively contributing to greening and preserving our planet. For example, by ensuring environmentally friendly processing of waste streams ourselves in cooperation with renowned waste partners including CIMS Netherlands. 

Our barges

We have taken the initiative ourselves to anticipate legislation and ensure that a significant proportion of our existing barges comply with the highest environmental standards (European Stage V), which currently only apply to newly built ships.

In addition, a number of our barges are already ready for closed inspection and sampling. This leads to a safer and healthier working environment for our crew, emission-free inspections and a better and more accurate sampling process.

Europe's first dual-fuel green methanol bunker ship

With stricter upcoming legislation in the maritime industry to further reduce CO2 emissions, there is a great need for large and small vessels to use cleaner fuels. UniBarge is taking an important step in the transition to a greener future for shipping with the development of Europe’s first dual-fuel bunker barge running on green methanol.

The vessel is the first green barge in Europe that serves as a methanol bunker vessel, both supplying and using green methanol. The green methanol is produced from circular and renewable feedstock, such as renewable natural gas from digesters, landfills and cellulosic biomass waste, and is also certified by the ISCC. It is scheduled to be deployed in the port of Rotterdam in the second half of 2024. A first and milestone.

More sustainable, prestigious and innovative projects are planned for the coming years. Follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook and check our site regularly for the latest information.

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