We are solution-oriented

With a modern fleet of barges, UniBarge offers customers a comprehensive service for the transport of mineral oil products, fuel, chemicals and gas.


Like our customers, we are working hard to become even greener. Besides obvious legal requirements, we consider it our social duty to proactively contribute to sustainability.


All safety systems on board our barges meet the strictest requirements and are constantly checked. Regular training is a natural part of the daily routine of all our sailing colleagues.

Modern fleet of barges
Like our customers, we work hard to become even greener
Our barges comply with the most stringent requirements
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Innovative and future-oriented

UniBarge is an innovative, dynamic shipping company with a proven track record. For almost 20 years, we have passionately provided 24/7 transport for our customers. In doing so, we always take a personal, practical and solution-oriented approach.

We think it is important to always meet the demands and needs of our customers in order to completely unburden them. Therefore, we continuously invest in growth, sustainability, safety and quality. We look ahead, anticipate future developments and always strive to do more than legislation requires. In doing so, we do not lose sight of continuous innovation and remain in development. This is how we make an impact.

Always professional, on the water and ashore

Our expert captains and crews are our calling card on the water 24/7. Together with their colleagues ashore, they have been providing efficient, flexible, reliable and sustainable transport by water for almost 20 years. Our people are committed, properly trained and regularly receive thorough additional training. Our experienced and expert crew on the water receives maximum support from colleagues in our dynamic office team.

When changes occur, we are always able to respond quickly. Your demand is the focal point at all times. We manage all our transport processes and the related settlements from our own offices in the Netherlands and Switzerland.

Our solution-oriented mindset is crucial for our customers; our people make the difference!

Diverse partnerschappen en samenwerkingen zorgen al jarenlang voor een continue bedrijfsgroei. We hebben in Europa onze naam inmiddels stevig verankerd. Met onze partners bouwen we onder andere verder aan duurzame oplossingen voor de binnenvaart zoals Europa’s eerste dual-fuel groene methanol bunkerschip.


Various partnerships and collaborations have ensured continuous business growth for many years. We have now firmly established our name in Europe. With our partners, we continue to build sustainable solutions for inland navigation, such as Europe’s first dual-fuel green methanol bunker barge.

UniBarge offices

UniBarge has its own offices in the Netherlands and Switzerland. They work together to support and serve our customers 24/7 in the FARAG ports, the Northwest German canal area and on the Rhine/Moselle/Danube to Switzerland.

From our modern and beautifully located office on the Noordkade in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, we handle the chartering of our inland vessels. Here, our colleagues plan the daily transports with special attention to safety, health, environment and quality (SHEQ).

Our employees in the Baar office handle personnel matters, do crew and shipping management and provide support in the field of SHEQ (Security, Health, Environment, Quality) to our barges.

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