We are solution-oriented

With a modern fleet of barges, UniBarge offers customers a comprehensive service for the transport of mineral oil products, fuel, chemicals and gas.


Like our customers, we are working hard to become even greener. Besides obvious legal requirements, we consider it our social duty to proactively contribute to sustainability.


All safety systems on board our barges meet the strictest requirements and are constantly checked. Regular training is a natural part of the daily routine of all our sailing colleagues.

Modern fleet of barges
Like our customers, we work hard to become even greener
Our barges comply with the most stringent requirements
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Safety, health, environment and quality are priorities

SHEQ | Licence to operate

In everything we do, safety, health, environment and quality (SHEQ) come first. As our customer, you want to be able to count on this. SHEQ is also a commitment to our environment and to our people. We see the high standards we have imposed on ourselves as a ‘licence to operate’. 24/7, we have all processes under control to provide you with outstanding services.

Complete quality management system

All our barges and activities are included in a comprehensive quality management system. This ensures the highest quality at all times. Every operation on board is traceable and verifiable, with ISO 45001 as an additional guarantee for the health and safety of our crews.

All our certifications at a glance:


Like our customers, we work hard to make our business processes more sustainable. We consider it our social duty to go beyond what the law requires us to do by proactively contributing to greening and preserving our planet.

Safety and zero incidents

Safety is one of our key priorities. Zero incidents is the goal. With clear processes and good instructions, we ensure a safe working environment for our colleagues and for the people they work with. We guarantee that transport complies with the latest laws and regulations and the strict standards and requirements set by our industry and those we set for ourselves.

Onboard safety systems are compliant; all safety aspects are protocolised and checked on an ongoing basis. Regular training is an integral part of the daily routine of all our sailing staff.

Our focus on safety goes beyond our own business. UniBarge is a co-founder of the Zero Incidents Platform. This platform aims to continuously work with industry peers on safety and improvements in this area in our sector. After all, safety should never be a competitive factor.

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