We are solution-oriented

With a modern fleet of barges, UniBarge offers customers a comprehensive service for the transport of mineral oil products, fuel, chemicals and gas.


Like our customers, we are working hard to become even greener. Besides obvious legal requirements, we consider it our social duty to proactively contribute to sustainability.


All safety systems on board our barges meet the strictest requirements and are constantly checked. Regular training is a natural part of the daily routine of all our sailing colleagues.

Modern fleet of barges
Like our customers, we work hard to become even greener
Our barges comply with the most stringent requirements
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As a crucial link in major Western European supply chains, inland shipping has traditionally played an important role in the Dutch economy.

We understand that security of supply is vital for producers, suppliers and customers. Therefore, we have specialised in the transport of various non-hazardous and hazardous liquid products and our customers’ wishes and requirements are always paramount. As a result, UniBarge has developed into the best in our field in terms of performance, quality and innovation. In doing so, we never lose sight of sustainability.


In the transport and bunkering of various mineral oil products, fuel, chemicals and gas products, UniBarge is the link that optimises the cooperation between its partners – entrepreneurs in tanker shipping and major players and independents in the oil and petrochemical industry.

By constantly being at the forefront of logistics solutions, quality and safety, UniBarge makes an important contribution to achieving our partners’ objectives. We also consider it important to play a leading role in improving the position and sustainability image of tanker shipping as a whole.


To keep meeting the ever-increasing and changing needs of our clients, we strive for further growth to achieve the necessary scale. This will allow us to continue to engage stakeholders and invest in the quality of our organisation and services.

In doing so, UniBarge is committed to innovative solutions to improve operational efficiency and meet all sustainability objectives set by partners and legislation.

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